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I won’t be moving as I am not going to give up this heater.

Anna (Richmond, NSW)

We can’t speak highly enough of the heater - we love it! It is one of the best decisions we made for the house.

Daniel & Phillipa (Condobolin, NSW)

Waking up to a warm home is the best.

Dallas & Laura (Melbourne Vic)

The heater is a treasured part of our home.

Phil (Blue Mountains, NSW)

The heater is everything I hoped for! I can be seen giving it a hug several times a day. Thank you very much for your guidance with my questions.

Janet (Maryvale, QLD)

It burns clean, the glass doesn’t get messy, we can see the enormous firebox. It is a beautiful view to look at and it keeps our home warm.

Chris & Linda (Selbourne Tas)

We installed our heater 12 months ago. Absolutely wonderful to come home late from work with 4 kids in tow to a warm house! No need to constantly fill up the heater to stay warm. Wouldn't go back to anything else. Wonderful people to deal with too! Highly recommend.

Liz & Greg (Wingello, NSW)

We love  it and as it is getting very cold here, our masonry heater is unreal, it keeps the whole house prefect.

(Kerry and Gavin Penola SA)

We are very happy with our masonry heater. It’s a very clean fireplace. We have white carpet in the room and over all the years of heating nothing has happened to it. We are looking forward to starting in another period of winter with a cosy warm masonry heater.

Elke and Attila Worrigee (NSW)

We are warm and toasty. Everything is good about our masonry heater. It is the cosiest place in Warburton.

Tom and Tania (Warburton, Vic)

We feel extra lucky having the oven now during lockdown. It has such a calming effect on us all.

Nella and Tom (ACT)

Just letting you know that we are keeping the house at 22 degrees with daily ration of 6 pages of the Age, 4 sticks of pine 350x90x35, 10 sticks of hardwood 350x90x45. How is that for efficiency!

Anton (Clunes, Vic)

It is heavenly to have such an efficient heater.

Jane & Ed (Goulburn NSW)

Our masonry heater is performing beautifully. One burn every second day seems to do the trick.

Duncan (Limestone, Vic)

I put it on at 4pm. The next morning, I get up early, sit on bench with my back against the core and it is beautiful. The cold mornings are gone.

Janet (Maryvale, QLD)

I’m VERY HAPPY. We have cooked up to 18 pizzas at a time and they are great.

Jodi (Arthurs Seat, Vic)

We are loving our heater this winter! Attached are a couple of wintry but snug fireside shots.

Tom and Tania (Warburton, Vic)

We haven’t been cold since we installed our masonry heater. It is lovely to come down and it is all warm.

Jamie and Vanessa (Metcalfe Vic)

Burning the heater once a day keeps our home at 20C.  When people come in and walk on the floor, they think that the slab has in-floor heating.

Jane & Tony (Castlemaine, Vic)

Well the weather has certainly turned nasty - but the lounge is cozy, we have been sitting up every night with the wonderful warm glow keeping us company.

Rhian & Malcolm (Mt Gambier, SA)

We are really enjoying the heater. We use it once a day and it works beautifully.

Peter & Mary (Bellthorpe, QLD)

Lovely couple determined to help out wherever it is needed. Great customer service and couldn’t be more happy with my heater.

Dallas (Frankston, Vic)

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