The finest way to warm your home.

Wood Burning Masonry Heaters are:

  • refuelled only once or twice a day so no smuts and smoke in the house and no firebox impact;
  • unique to your home; styled to your tastes and choice of facing material;
  • environmentally friendly with very low emissions;
  • safe to use; the masonry facing is never too hot to touch;
  • highly fuel efficient; one 20kg load is enough for 24 hours of heat;
  • easy to use with less work to load, little cleaning and low maintenance needs;
  • cost effective; cheaper than other fuels to heat your home.

They give out pleasant, gentle radiant heat that quietly pervades your home; holding it back as the home heats up and offering more when it cools.

Masonry heaters are well known in the northern hemisphere but almost unknown in Australia. We offer you the opportunity to install this superior form of wood heater which we import from Tempcast in Canada. This comes as an easily assembled core around which you add your own choice of facing and a flue. Follow this link to see how they work. Use the page headers at the top to explore how this new (to Australia) form of wood heating can enhance your home and quality of life.

If you would like to discuss installing a masonry heater or to look at a masonry heater in operation please contact us. You can download a Tempcast Planning Guide to assist you in your design thinking. We continue to provide advice to our customers throughout your planning and construction processes.

Alan and Fiona

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