How Hot?

surface temp chart

The record of burns conducted over a period of nine days with an average front surface temperature calculated from 16 locations.

(Temperatures taken with a High Temperature Infrared Thermometer)

The chart shows that:

  • Variations in fuel load affect the maximum average surface temperature achieved.


  • The frequency of burn periods dictates the stability of the surface temperature. (The heater was fired no more than once per day. They are rated for up to three firings per day in very cold conditions).

Throughout the period the average surface temperature was in excess of the internal house temperature (17-21 degrees); thus the heater was continually emitting heat into the house, even after the longest break of 47 hours.

A full load hot burn. Firebox temperature 1042 degrees C

The final full load hot burn where  the firebox temperature was measured at 1042 degrees C and the oven was at 429.8 degrees C at the end of the burn.