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Below are a number of sites related to masonry heaters and some other general sites that you may find useful.

Masonry Heaters:

Temp-Cast masonry heaters and masonry heaters with bake ovens. This links to the company who manufactures the kit supplied by Heavenly Heat. It also includes a detailed guide to help in your planning ( Tempcast Planning Guide) and an installation manual (Tempcast Installation Manual)

The Masonry Heater Association Home Page : This is a website for the masonry heater industry in USA. It has a number of useful links and articles. The Book of Masonry Stoves: Discusses the different types of masonry heaters and their history.


Tempcast Photo Gallery: This contains photos of installed Tempcast heaters.

The Masonry Heater Association Media Page: At the bottom of this page are photos showing the diversity of external appearances you can achieve. These designs can be achieved with the Tempcast heater.

Other Sites:

The Owner Builder magazine; with articles by us on:

Masonry heaters

Masonry heaters and climate change

Seven years on…


building our home.

Build Your Own House • Index page: A forum for owner builders.

Strawbale building: We built a straw bale home and concluded that straw bale buildings and thermal mass heaters work really well together. This site gives you more information.

Earth Garden magazine. Three articles we wrote on raising and rendering our strawbale home.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Fire Irons: We had our fire tools made by a local blacksmith (Galba Forge). Philippe did a great job and better quality than I have seen in a shop. The added benefit was that they were made to the length we wanted. We also had some other blacksmithing done for the house and the quality was superb.