What is a masonry heater?

See our article in the June/July edition of The Owner BuilderThe masonry heater (or stove) has been used for hundreds of years all around the northern hemisphere.  It has many variants depending on where it was built. See the history sheet on our information page.

Visitors to Europe may have seen the ornate Kachelöfen in castles and big houses.

It is sometimes known as a Thermal Mass Heater  which describes the way it works.

Our heaters are in the Finnish Contra-flow style.

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Masonry heaters have been traditionally custom-designed and built by specialists, making them very expensive and difficult to source away from their usual areas of use. As a result, they haven’t been available in Australia.

Heavenly Heat imports the Tempcast masonry heater from Canada. This comes as a self-assembly core around which you build your own choice of facing.  See an example of core construction here.

The facing can be brick, stone, concrete or any other masonry material with or without a rendered finish.  In Europe decorative glazed tiles are used to face the heaters turning some of them into real works of art. For examples see:

Various configurations are possible:

  • Standard for heating a single space; or built against a masonry wall to heat an adjoining space.
  • See-through for a visible fire in two rooms or as a room divider.

In addition a bake-oven can be fitted above the main firebox, great for cooking a pizza on a cold evening, then for a slow-cook casserole the next day.

See our information sheets for more details.