What do you want in a wood heater? . . .

Do you want a wood heater that

Wood Burning Masonry Heaters are:

  • environmentally friendly
  • cost effective
  • highly efficient; economical with fuel
  • safer than metal heaters,
  • easy to use (fire only once or twice a day).

They provide:

  • comfortable radiant heat;
  • high indoor air quality;
  • unique styling to suit your home;
  • thermal mass for temperature stability in winter or summer.

Masonry heaters are very well known in much of the northern hemisphere but almost unknown in Australia. To bring you the opportunity to install this superior form of wood heater we import the Tempcast masonry heater from Canada. This comes as a self-assembly core around which you add a flue and your own choice of facing. If you are not familiar with the principle follow this link to see how they work. Use the page headers at the top to explore how this new (to Australia) form of wood heating can enhance your home and quality of life. If you would like to discuss installing a masonry heater or to look at a masonry heater in operation please contact us. You can download a Tempcast Planning Guide to assist you in your design thinking. We continue to provide advice to our customers at any time throughout your planning and construction processes.